[salon review] the second phase of BFR's boss salon in 2019 - 'financial management risk control and real-time New Deal interpretation and sharing' ended successfully

Background: General Secretary Xi stressed at the central economic working conference that a larger scale of tax reduction and fee reduction should be implemented. In the new year's message, he clearly put forward the requirement that 'tax reduction and fee reduction policies and measures should take root'. On January 9, 2019, the executive meeting of the State Council decided to launch another batch of inclusive tax relief measures for small and micro enterprises, increase the tax exemption standard for small-scale VAT taxpayers from 30000 yuan per month to 100000 yuan, relax the standard for small and micro profit enterprises, introduce the calculation method of excess progressive, etc. Recently, many friends asked about the implementation of relevant policies.

In order to help enterprise managers and financial and tax related personnel better learn and understand, the financial and Tax Service Department of baifurun Shanghai Co., Ltd. held the risk control and real-time New Deal interpretation and sharing meeting of financial management in the conference room of Shanghai Co., Ltd. at 2:00 p.m. on February 28, 2019. As always, the sharing will be concerned and favored by old customers and friends, and the close face-to-face communication is very popular.

Fiona Du, the professional accountant in charge of Finance and taxation department of Shanghai team, was the keynote teacher of the sharing meeting. With their own practical experience, the understanding of the daily cashier and financial work of the enterprise, as well as the working experience and case analysis of long-term communication with the tax bureau, explained the quality control of the financial work of the enterprise, the understanding and practical operation of the inclusive tax reduction preferential policies of small and micro enterprises. At the meeting, Fiona and her team had an interactive discussion with friends. Friends asked questions and communicated with each other about the doubts they met in their own enterprises and work. My friends said that this sharing meeting has improved our understanding of financial work and has guiding significance for practical work.

Fiona Du, accountant / lecturer of BFR

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This sharing meeting is rich in content, mainly including cashier management, financial management, small and micro enterprise inclusive tax reduction policies, precautions in daily operation, differences between general taxpayers and small-scale tax preferential policies, etc. According to the feedback of friends, the most concerned topic is the hot issues of tax inspection and value-added tax and income tax preferential policies.

In 2019, the financial and Tax Service Department of baifurun will continue to hold various financial and tax training and exchange meetings, mainly focusing on the problems of baifurun in the service enterprises to summarize and sort out, and further explore. Welcome to everyone's attention to the follow-up invitation letter and application notice of the official WeChat public.

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