At the end of 2015 annual meeting of BFR, sharing and gratitude are often held

On December 26, the 'brighture 2015 annual conference and 2016 'new normal and new development' strategic conference' was successfully held. All the colleagues of the baifurun family Shanghai company and Qingdao company gathered in Qingdao. The teams of each business unit summarized and reported their work in 2015 and looked forward to the new development in 2016. Let's sing and dance together to wish baifurun a better tomorrow!


On the afternoon of the 26th, the company's annual meeting began with cheery applause. Mr. Chen, the consultant of baifurun, started with the latest interpretation of the national macro financial policies, and gave suggestions on the work orientation of financial and tax services for enterprises in the new year, and analyzed the opportunities and challenges for the future development of the company.

Subsequently, general assistant sun Qian of the board of directors made a report and Analysis on the company's operating performance and growth changes in 2015;

The company joined kreston international accounting Union, ranking 12 in the world, and established Shanghai Yongrun accounting firm;

By virtue of the financial and tax outsourcing and export tax rebate services of its main business, Alibaba Group has achieved strategic cooperation with Alibaba group, and has become a 'partner of one hundred years';

The export tax rebate won the gold medal service products of Qingdao small and medium-sized enterprises, etc., and BFR has taken a solid step in its internationalization strategy of deeply rooted in the mainland and looking at the world.

Subsequently, the teams of each business unit and Shanghai company summarized their work in 2015 and looked forward to the work in the new year. They commended the excellent teams and colleagues in 2015. Finally, the performance and dinner party of the speech of Chairman Sun's middle-aged meeting officially began.

❉ best sharing award ❉

Figure 1 on the left: Mr. Wang, winner of the 'best sharing individual' award, delivers his speech on sharing knowledge and continuous learning

Figure 1 on the right: winners of the 'best sharing team' - capital market department, Laoshan team, audit business department - work together to build a learning organization of baifurun and become a continuous leader in the financial and tax industry


❉ annual excellent team & excellent individual award ❉

Figure 1 on the left: Japan group of Finance and taxation business department, winner of 'excellent team' - gather the team strength and achieve the team even more

Figure 1 on the right: the winner of the 'outstanding individual' award is a long way to go. How big the heart is, how big the stage is


❉ annual recognition ❉

Picture above: 'master's Award for mentoring' - inheriting professional skills to help new colleagues grow rapidly

In the picture: recognition of 'new promoted colleagues' -- on the professional road, BFR hopes everyone can go further

Picture below: commend 'excellent colleagues over 5 years' -- thank you for your company for many years, you are the precious wealth of BFR


Chairman Sun delivers a speech and the dinner begins


Popular dance

Top left: selected program of tax refund group - timber

Bottom left: interactive performance of 'people in our village' by a group of domestic and customer representatives

Photo right: bigger dance selected by finance and taxation Europe and America Group


❉ story ❉

Photo above: Japanese finance and taxation group's selected program 'little man dance'

In the picture: the Shanghai team selected and sent the sketch, and performed the original dream in English and Chines

Figure 2: Red Detachment of women selected by domestic second group and capital market department


Song and dance

Picture above: general management department, the most brilliant behind the scenes star team of BFR

In the picture: the audit business department sends the blue and white porcelain with lingering charm

Photo below: Laoshan team performed 'king asked me to patrol the mountain'


❉ thank old customers and friends ❉


At the same time, some customer representatives were invited to the dinner party and the program performance of the annual meeting. While inheriting the concept of professionalism, integrity, and efficiency for customers, we always remember that every point of our growth and achievement comes from the support and recognition of customers and friends.

Party details




Open champagne and cut cake


❉ unforgettable tonight, meet again next year ❉ although the reunion is short-lived, the warmth of the big family and everyone's enthusiasm will last forever. Today, we gather to share our joy and emotion. We also wish every supporter and family member of brighture a better tomorrow!

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